Planned Parenthood

by - Thursday, April 13, 2017

 Did I ever mention that Ryan-Kate wasn't a "surprise?" A lot of people don't know that- and it's a real shocker. They just assume that just because I am young and in my 20's means that I didn't mean to have a kid. That wasn't the case at all. She was actually planned. The funny thing about it was the fact that Andrew and I weren't baby crazed. I mean, we did always want to have kids, and young, too, but we weren't goo-goo about babies. 

 About 2 years ago, right before I got pregnant, I turned to Andrew and said, "I think we are supposed to have a child." And he agreed. Just like that. And we got pregnant, and she's been a wonderful adventure ever since. 

 The next question after you have a child is usually, "So, when are you going to have another?" And the answer for us is that we are really enjoying Ryan-Kate. Of course we want another, but not just yet. For me, these moments with my daughter have been so special and when another child comes along, it will never be the same. My attention will be split between my family. Although  my love for them will be multiplied, it will never be just me and that child. So it's a decision I don't take lightly, because now that I have a daughter, I understand the weightiness and responsibility that comes with being a mother. 


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