my life according to my phone.

by - Monday, January 28, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I need to prove that I'm busy like- "No really, look at these highly stylized photos of myself of how I have spent my time." I guess I could just tell you, but I happen to look really good in sepia tint.
 Oh- Did I mention I went snowboarding?! It was crazy...and some fun. It is hard to prepare for something that you know you will fail in. People's advice didn't get anybetter either: "Oh you're going snowboarding? Yikes. You are going to fall a lot, but don't worry. Once you get it, it will be fun." Yeah thanks, that's exactly what I want to hear. Hey- but turns out, that's wat happend. It took me two hours to get halfway down, and I cried the whole time! I feel so many times I had bruises on my butt for days afterwards. My arms and bck were also so sore from picking myself up from falling. I took baths the days aferwards to soothe my muscles. I finally did get snowbairding down though, and that's the good news. 

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