Things You May Not Know About Me

by - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1. I'm an outgoing-introvert.
I love people, but I  exhausted easily in big groups of people without rest.  I take my Monday's, usually, to recharge by myself so I can love people well. Otherwise, I start getting irritable and thats not good for anyone.

2. My favorite thing to do is eat. 
I get done with eating and I am already thinking about my new meal. my husband and I plan out whole vacations over where we want to eat.

3. I wear glasses and have horrible eyesight. 
But I'm still believing for a miracle #yeslord.

4. I wasn't always a good singer. 
In fac,t I was pretty terrible. I have the recordings to prove it, and my family loves to whip it out to embarrass me from time to time. I'm not claiming to be Mariah Carey or anything, but I have grown since my younger days.

5. I tend to get competitive. 
It's the one thing I have to actively choose not to do when it comes to my personality. I hate it. Comparison  and competition are uncle and unnecessary and I am constantly reminding myself of that.

6. I'm still figuring this out. 
I don't have it all together- mom, wife, home, worship leader, friendships- I am still in process and learning everyday. To have the right people around me, matters. We were never meant to do this alone. Don't believe that lie. Isolation is one of the quickest ways together yourself in trouble.

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