What I Learned During My Blogging Hiatus

by - Monday, January 07, 2019

  The leaves are changing and the air begins to pickup a chill. It is a sign that is fall. The trees prepare to shed all their extra weight to give their branches a break for winter. Nature picks up on the signs better than we do. They aren’t afraid that their leaves are falling. In fact, it’s like they know it is the season for rest. Much like the natural seasons, we also move through seasons. Unlike natural season, we sometimes fail to acknowledge what seasons we are in because we busy being busy. We like our busy. Defend our busy. Even take pride in our busy. We put our busy into small, well-manicured boxes that cultivate comparison.  We've curated lives of busy and it's to our own detriment. 
  This last year I've really worked on my heart health as well as wholeness in my body and spirit.  So I checked in with myself and found I need to evaluate how I was doing and felt like I needed to slow down. There was tugging within my own heart to pause.  So I decided to take a break. I needed rest. And my posts became few and farther between. A funny truth about social media and blogging is that if you are posting less, you are actually "not doing well." But if my heart says I am doing well because I am posting less, who is right? If I am always feeling the need to post that I am successful at my busy, at what cost does my heart suffer? 
  Managing my rest is no one else's responsibility. Not a spouse, or a parents, or friends. I took a blogging hiatus to find some rest and to regroup. For so long, I have tried to be everything to everyone. Even with this blog. When I relaunched this blog I wanted to be relent, but I realize now that I need to focus on what is in my lane. I have a  desire for people to find wholeness- body, soul and spirit. So in a way, consider this a re- relaunch. Or maybe just a redirection. It is still a place for creativity and style, but my main focus is going to walk through wholeness for myself and if you like what you read, hopefully you can find that too. 
  I now feel like my season of rest is ending. It's springtime for me. Things are budding and it's time to create. I turned a beautiful 27 years old this year and I felt a strong sense that there was a new beginning on the horizon. So learn to monitor your rest, because when spring comes it is time to work. What season are you in? 


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