Amazon Kid Gift Guide

by - Thursday, November 28, 2019

I loooove shopping. I mean, love it. Even if it's not for me. My husband does not but he does frequent   Amazon quite often. So if you are like him, I put together a gift guide for children. Some of these items I have already bought for Ryan-Kate and love them, others I just think are a great gift idea.

  1. This yellow corduroy jacket. 
  2. Crayon rocks.
  3. The cutest camera I have ever seen. And already bought, too. It also comes with everything you need to move the pictures over to a phone. 
  4. These pajamas. This year we started the tradition of getting Christmas pajamas. If you don't like the traditional looking Christmas pajamas, these sets are a great option because they come in all sorts of colors. 
  5. This writing tablet. We picked one up at the library and RK loved it, so we decided to actually buy her one. My goal is to get her to do more creative stuff that don't always involve screens.
  6. Shorts lounge set. It comes in so many colors and I just thought it was so cute. 
  7. Amazon Kindle. My niece has one of these, but we have an iPad mini. After comparing the two, I think the Kindle has better kid interaction with games that are more learning base. 
  8. Magna-tiles. These are a creative puzzle/building toy that uses kids imagination. RK played with these at a friends home and it was a winner with her!
  9. Knee-high socks. I've gotten several of these in the past for my daughter. I like to use them with her dresses instead of stockings.
  10. These snow boots. I got RK these at the beginning of our snow season. My problem with kids clothes is that they are so ugly sometimes. I like these because they are fictional and actually pretty.


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