Bathroom Remodel

by - Tuesday, March 31, 2020

  Earlier this year, I set a goal to finish our main floor bathroom. Since we moved four years ago, I had not even touched it. It still had the "live, laugh, love" wallpaper border that was just, quite frankly, dated. My goal was too keep the remodel inexpensive, easy, and fast. This isn't our forever home and I didn't see the point in dumping a lot of money into the main floor bath if I wasn't going to see a return on my investment.
  Our previous bathroom had bead board that was a pale pink but instead of ripping it up, I decided to work with it and just paint it the color of our trim. The people who lived in the home before us left a lot of materials from their home improvements. When we ripped out the old vanity, I just cut and patched the rest of the bead board that wasn't getting covered with the vanity. We went with a tall 24" vanity as opposed to our previous 30" one. The main floor bath felt dingy and crowded so I wanted to give it as much space as possible. The bathroom vanity is not one I would recommend but it fit our budget and with some new knobs, it was aesthetically pleasing. 
  Finally, the ever controversial luxury vinyl tile. This is a a peel and stick product, or as a friend of mine cleverly put it lick and stick (lol). I did plenty of research for this product knowing that it could be problematic. I knew full and well what I was getting into. Long story short, I end up putting a commercial adhesive to the tile to the bottom to insure that the vinyl would stick. After the grout, it is so beautiful *insert heart eyes* and I love it so much that I am considering doing the tile in front of our front door.
 Here is a rough mood board that I created to see how many vision would come into play. 

  • Paint Color- Sherwin Williams Shitake
  • Landscape Photos- Juniper Print Shop
  • Woman Photo- BFF Print Shop
  • Ovals Print- BFF Print Shop
  • Diffuser- Target
  • Mirror- Magnolia for Target
  • Knobs- Lowes
  • Vanity- Glacier Bay for Home Depot
  • Faucet- Lowes
  • Lighting- Allen & Roth for Lowes
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile- Lowes


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