by - Sunday, November 11, 2012

So I had a little bit of a break down this past Thursday. I suddenly felt swamped and overwhelmed with everything and I just cracked. I coulnd't put words to exactly what I was going through- it wasn't just one thing. Between shcool, work, ministering, and a social life a felt spent. Andrew took me for a drive and calmed me down and made me realize that I was forgetting my "me- time." When I first moved up to Colorado and my dating life was basically non-existent, I always went on hikes, did random things, rented movies, and basically just hung out with myself. I am naturally an introvert and I don't say that I "hung out with myself as a negative thing. I just generally liked myself and enjoyed being alone. Now that things have become busier and all I want to do is to be next to Andrew, I have forgotten that I still need my alone time. So I planned to do that the next day, Unfortunately, I got sick and was basically forced to relax- but whatever. I will take it however it comes. So, don't forget about yourself, please, and you can avoid a melt down like I did.

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