happy halloween.

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! This week has been a little strange. It was nice to dress up, if even for little bit, and enjoy people around me. I feel like I am on vacation this week, despite the fact that I haven't even left Colorado. I think it is maybe the fact that I am learning how to take things in stride. I have a good cry now and again, which never happened back in Dallas. I would just suck it up and not let my "weakness" show. I disliked vunerability. But I am learning it is okay, not to be okay. Plus, it helps that I have someone to hold me in those moments. I try not to fight my tears (sometimes) and let myself just take in what I am feeling. Then after I go through that, I start making things happen. That is how I am handling my life now. And so far, it works. It becomes exhausting to try to hold it all together. So, here's to new methods and change! 

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