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by - Saturday, August 10, 2013

"White people love smoothies!" ....I'm actually not sure where that saying came from, but it's something Andrew always says. ..I think it's a movie reference. Lately, I have been making small changes to my eating habits. I would constantly see instagram posts or food blog recipes that were paleo diets or vegan free, and I thought  to myself, "But I don't want to give up meat, bread, and eggs! I love those things!" And I know that many people are on that same boat with me! I want my cake AND I want to eat the crap out of it! 
So I decided I would make small choices that would be better for me. It isn't about weight loss or short diets. It is about a lifestyle of healthy living and eating. Our body is a temple and if your physical body keeps you from doing God's work then there is a problem. Now, I am not perfect. I'll have a soda or starchy fries, but everything in moderation, people!
What at are those changes? I'll tell you:
  • Coconut Oil instead of butter- coconut oil can be used to replace shortening in baking or used to fry food. 
  • More fruits and veggies- greens, greens, greens! Color is important to a balanced meal.
  • Almond milk- I love milk, but I decided to switch to almond milk because it is a less fat intake. 
  • Smoothies- for breakfast, Andrew and I do smoothies, they are now my favorite!
  • Portion control- this one is especially hard because FOOD IS SO GOOD. gah...fatty.
  • Exercise- this is important, but eating right is WAY more important. healthy isn't just exercise!

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