How to Vacation in Salida, CO

by - Monday, April 24, 2017

Andrew and I celebrated 4 years of marriage and we decided to spend it in Salida, Colorado at the Amigo Motor Lodge. This was the fist trip we did without our daughter, but it was a perfect place to unwind and dream of what we want our marriage to look like for the years to come. Salida is a small, slow moving town, which allowed us to unplug for a while. We brought several books and spent most of our quiet mornings doing nothing- that's a luxury that we don't see as often anymore.
My Advice?  Take advantage of the slow paced life, spend some time wandering without a phone, go on a hike, and then take a drive to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs to relax!
We spent an evening going to The Mt. Princeton Hot Springs near Buena Vista, which is about 20 minutes away from Amigo. After having dinner in Buena Vista, we concluded that Salida has the best food. Don't make the mistake we made by thinking mountain people know how to make sushi. Never again.

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