Keeping Your Sanity with a Toddler

by - Monday, May 01, 2017

There is something beautiful that happened when I became a mother. It was a role that felt so ordained and holy and scary, but I soon began to figure out that there was so much more to being a mom than I realized. There are equally as many horrible moments as there are beautiful ones, and you guys, you are not alone
So, I wrote some pointers on how to keep your sanity:
  1. Have fun- life throws some unexpected curveballs, so roll with it!
  2. Frequently turn on music and throw a dance party in your living room- even if it is just you and your husband. Our current favorite Spotify playlists: Left Of Center and  Songs To Sing In The Shower.
  3. If you ask your daughter a question and she says, "What," say it louder. I SAID DID YOU WANT A BANANA?!
  4. Get out of the house- take a walk around the mall, go to the library, refrain from buying everything at Target, or get free samples at at SAM's. It doesn't matter! Just don't stay cooped up in the house. 
  5. Have an activity just for your self. I go to the gym, and I love it. I Don't have to be "mom." I can just work out and not worry about anything for about an hour, and its just for me. 
  6. Make family traditions- even if it's small. Every Friday morning in the Nemeth house is Pancake Day. It started when I was pregnant. We wanted to start something that RK would have to look forward to when she's older. 
  7. If she is throwing a fit, try asking what's wrong with an accent. It doesn't help, but at least it lightens your mood. 
  8. Ask for help- It's the bravest thing you can do besides stand-up comedy. 

Outfit Details: Jeans- Levi's 501 // Tee c/o- CoLab Print // Clogs- TopShop (old) // Bomber Jacket- Anthropologie


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