Beauty Essentials

by - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's been a while since I've updated on what I'm loving as far as beauty essentials. I believe that what we put in our bodies and on our skin matters, so here is just a small list of some products that I'm crazy about currently: 
  • Milk Makeup Cheek + Lip Stick - The concept behind this brand was to help make makeup easy for the "on the go" women, which I fall into that category now that I am a mom. I prefer creamy blushes to powder and love how this glides on my skin. I bought coral which works great with my skin tone!
  • Glossier Skin Tint- glossier and I think alike: skin first, makeup second. Their skin tint is light and doesn't weigh down on your skin. Click HERE and get 20% off your order!
  • Glossier Highlighter- I received this as a gift and was immediately hooked. I don't always wear makeup but if I do, at least I can make my skin look dewy. Click HERE and get 20% off your order!
  • Fig and Yarrow Facial Serum-Fig &Yarrow is a Colorado company that is slowly growing big because of its transparency and excellent in their products. I use this serum before I go to bed to hydrate my skin. I love it!
  • Love and Salt - I stay a little in my hair to add texture and then thats it!


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