Self Talk & Why It's Important

by - Saturday, August 26, 2017

I could sit here and talk about how to eat healthy or my favorite makeup routines or fashion, but if I don't honestly feel beautiful then those things are just bandaids to a major problem. I remember watching a dove campaign a few years back where several women had to describe themselves to a sketch artists and they also had someone else who had only met them once describe themselves. The results were shocking. When woman saw the result that they gave the sketch artist, they looked mean, unhappy, bigger noses, or harsher features. However, when the the total stranger described them, the sketch results came back more positive. The women had kind eyes, sweet feature, and were overall prettier. It's funny thing when someone captures what we actually think of ourselves. You can watch that video HERE
As it turns out, we really are what we think. This is a process that take continual mastering. Just when I think I've got a handle on it, a lie tries to come in and grow. The outcome of negative self talk can result in depression or anxiety. If we don't learn how to manage our thought life, we will live in constant turmoil within ourselves. You can really only benefit from loving yourself better. It helps build confidence, it can reduce stress and anxiety, and produce an overall self-love for yourself! Here are two things that helped me: 

  1. Stop comparing, it's only hurting you. Comparison is unfair.
  2. Speak love over yourself. As soon as an negative thought comes in, speak the opposite over yourself out loud. This may seem silly at first, but your words carry power.
I hope that you begin to see the beauty that other see in you!


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