7 Casual Thoughts

by - Saturday, November 18, 2017

Happy weekends, friends! I put together this rad shoot with my husband and had the hardest time narrowing down photos, so I hope that you enjoy looking through all of these. I have a pretty jumbled random brain and figured I would share some casual thoughts with everyone. Here I go: 

  1. Is it pa-JAM-us or pa-JAW-mus? I'm still sorting that one out. 
  2. Wear what makes you feel good. I am convinced that my mood shifts if I don't like my outfit. One day I feel edgy, the next I feel basic. So I just roll with it.
  3. Never underestimate a good pair of underwear. 
  4. I believe ever women should have black heels and red lipstick in her closet. They are and easy way to look chic and effortless. 
  5. Always have a good playlist on hand. You won't regret it.
  6. There is always room in the desert stomach. 
  7. Legs, midriff, or cleavage. You can do one, but never all three. 



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