Twistshake: The Coolest Sippy Cup You're Kid Will Have

by - Monday, November 27, 2017

There's this thing that continually happened with kids- they change constantly. And I guess, yeah I did realize it, but when this tiny human that I am always learning suddenly does something new it can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. I remember when we started Ryan- Kate's sleep training, I felt like I was going to go crazy. She was asking for milk a lot and only wanting to be in our bed, and we finally just toughed it out for a few nights and with in a week she was sleeping through the night. Recently, we had to go through the same thing again with her "big girl bed." I watch her through the baby monitor and it takes everything within me to not go to her when she asks for me. 
Transitions feel rough, and for me, I feel like I am going crazy while I am in the middle of it. Hopefully, when you are trying to get off these bottles and onto sippy cups it isn't as hard as it was for us like it was with sleep training. So, I am partnering with Twistshake to give all those mamas out there who are interested 30% off on their site for any pastel item or up to 40% off on their neon line through December. My daughter loves the color purple right now, so Twistshake is a current favorite i n our home right now. Just use the code lunasallett30 at checkout. there is also an additional discount on their neon line. When you purchase over $25 you will receive FREE shipping! Go check out it out!


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