SwimZip: Mommy & Me Suits

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I love being able to experience my daughter grow up. She is getting so much better at telling stories too. She gets all animated and expressive that Andrew and I can't help but laugh. Her personality is really coming through and it's a privilege to watch. Ryan-Kate and I recently took some Mommy  and Me photos for a swim suit line called SwimZip. They have tons of cute options for you and your little. I am already eyeing my next one! The one that RK and I are sporting is their new line that is launching this Friday. It is along sleeve surf suit, but seeing as I have never surfed I love it for those days when maybe the sun is just too intense. I also discovered after I took on this project that SwimZip was recently on ABC's Shark Tank! Check them out!


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