Gryph & Ivy Rose Review

by - Friday, May 31, 2019

There are a couple of necessities that I need for my daughter: one is a detangle spray. She is the most tender-headed girl I have ever met. I was given the chance to try Gryph and IvyRose and was gifted their detangle spray and kids daily chocolate probiotic. So far? Game changer. These products are high end and natural. Plus, because the probiotic is chocolate, she takes it like a champ and it is one less thing I have to worry about as a mom as a part of her diet. I've also have to confess that Ive used the detangle spray on myself and enjoy the smell of the spray. My daughter least favorite part of her day is brushing her hair and yet insists on wearing it down (which only gets more tangled). But adding a detangle spray that is natural and great for kids really puts my mind at ease. Take a look at their natural products for you or your littles. Their shop ranges for all sorts of mommy and me items!


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