Amazon Pregnancy Guide

by - Wednesday, July 10, 2019

With my first pregnancy, I sort of winged everything. I wasn't sure whose advice to take, knowing that every pregnancy and child is different. However, there were somethings that I wanted to really fight for and make sure I had this time around especially. I went in blind, but this time around I know that the birth is not the end. The real work comes in after baby is born. It truly is "the 4th trimester". I had such a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding and just learning to rest when I felt like I should be doing more. I know now that those few weeks and months as it's just me and baby are critical for our wellbeing. So here are a few things I've either collected or on my wishlist for this pregnancy: 

Nursing & Postpartum:

Changing Mat: 

Cute Paci's & Clips: 

Baby Sling:

Reading Material:






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