How to Prepare for the Fourth Trimester

by - Saturday, August 10, 2019

One thing I didn't realize during my first round of pregnancy and postpartum was just how much work it took to be successful in the infamous forth trimester. There are so many things that I had wished I had done differently and now this time around I am determined to set myself up for success for breastfeeding and the forth trimester. I think when I find an area that interests me I get sort of obsessed with knowing all I can about that particular subject. 
 So with that said, I have bought books, read blogs, checked out recipes, and have done research to find products, tips, and resources that help make breast feeding and the fourth trimester so successful. I listed a few on a previous post about my Ultimate Amazon Registry Guide. During these last few weeks of preparing and nesting, here is how I am attempting to set myself up for success for when the real work hits: 
  • Prepare freezer smoothies (or meals). It is essential to adequately feed yourself as you are the primary source for your baby. Prepping meals now will come in handy when all the family has left town and its just you and baby. I made smoothies that just need Majka's Lacatation Booster and a non-dairy milk and bam! it's done. 
  • Make or buy lactation snacks (or cookies). As a new mom, I never realized how hard breastfeeding was going to be. I now know that having snacks on hand is extremely useful to help keep me from getting too hungry and keep my milk supply up. A few days ago I made energy oat bites that I have previously blogged about HERE and added Majka's Lactation Booster and chocolate chips (because yum) to the recipe. 

  • Take supplements to help with supply. This stepped could be skipped especially if you are an over-producer, but for those mamas who need an extra little help with their milk supply, supplements like this can help boost for your brand new babe! 

  • Drink lots of water. Most hospitals give you a enormous cup with a straw so you can stay hydrated while you stay at the hospital. Keep it! It is so useful and if its always by your bed its a great reminder to drink up, mama!
  • Create nursing/pumping station. This time around, I prepped an area that has everything I'll need on hand while I breastfeed. It contains items like nipple cream, lotion, leaking pads, pump, and tissues. 


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