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by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can I be honest with you for just a second? There are times when I just don't feel motivated enough to wake up. Maybe it is me not pushing myself enough in life or getting too content. But then I evaluate life and notice how busy I am getting. I think perhaps when I get too consumed into any one project, work, or even life, that becomes my comfort zone. When my mind stops and I am left with just my thoughts they can lead to some dangerous places- or at least that is what I think. And please don't get me wrong I am not afraid of being alone, on the contrary, I prefer it. But somehow I forgot what it is like to rest. There will be multiple different seasons of my life- busy ones, calm ones, and even difficult ones. If I don't constantly remind myself to be in each moment without anxiety about going to the next, then I will never truly experience life. I must learn to be fully present in each season of my life. I saw this Eleanor Roosevelt quote on Pinterest and just felt so inspired by her words. I want to always push myself out of my comfort zone. Those moments are the ones where I am stretched, shaped, and ultimately determining who I am, and will, become. And I think I like who I am becoming. I don't know what the next season of my life looks like, I only have what is in front of me now. In life, I have never had to worry about promoting myself, or pushing my agenda forward so that I get noticed. I was never concerned about that. As I trusted in God and kept my eyes towards Him, He always put situations where I will be pushed beyond what I thought I could handle. But in those moments where I felt like my ability, talent, skill, or personality could not handle it- He was able to move even more. As the body of Christ, we aren't called to be the "best" or even "perfect." We are simply called to be obedient, and in our weaknesses- and Lord knows I have many- He will show His grace, power and perfection.

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