best mascaras.

by - Friday, July 27, 2012

Mascara. It is absolutely my essential go-to makeup product. Now I don't ever wear too much makeup, but mascara is probably the one thing I cannot leave the house without. I can spend hours in a Sephora store looking through products- Yeah, I'm such a girl. After years of wearing makeup, I have found my favorites and best buys. Honestly, any of these choices are great. You pretty much cannot go wrong with my top five.
// This mascasra has been around since for-freakin'-ever, but it is always a great buy. It is affordable and do wonders for my eyelashes. Whenever I am on a budget and I know that I don't want to spend too much money on makeup, I will reach for Maybeline's Great Lash. It never clumps and always leave my eyelashes big.  Maybeline Great Lash- $5
//Too Faced makeup is definately more pricey, but if you have money to spare, then it is a good choice for mascara. It smells a bit strong for only being mascara, but it gives the appearance of big, full, long lashes. Too Face Lash Injection- SALE $9.75
//Urban Decay always has the best makeup! I just love this brand. This mascara is one of the best that I have ever used. While you are out buying this one, go head and try some of their other products. Urban Decay Vintage Big Fatty Mascara- $9
//Benefit Badgal Lash is not cheap at all, but it is totally worth the price! Anytime I decided to spend more money on mascara I consider Badgal. My lashes end up full with no clumps.  So if you want to splurge go with Benefit. Benefit Badgal Lash- $19
//Benefit They're Real Mascara is no my number one favorite. Anytime I walk into Spephora, It is always sold out! This is another splurge, but it leaves my lashes with extra volume and long and they never clump. Benefit They're Real Mascara- $23

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