there was nothing but corn fields and cars.

by - Saturday, October 05, 2013

Nebraska...what an adventure. It took a long eight hours to just get to Omaha where Andrew and I stayed in a hotel with my dad. 
In the morning, we drove another two hours to get to Pierce, Nebraska where the car auction took place. There were over 450 cars just sitting in a field! Some of these cars had never been driven or only had about 5-20 miles on them. A lot of the cars were in horrible condition and it was sad to see something that had barely been touched be so old and damaged. 
There were men who bought back their cars or trucks who they sold to the dealership! It was so emotional for them. Sadly, my dad didn't walk away with anything. Because of the hype of the media, people were drawn to the auction driving the prices
One truck that most farmers had their eye on went for 140K! It was very rare-- only 1800  were ever made! Overall, my mom, dad, Andrew, and I all had a fun together. It was a fun adventure with wonderful memories. 

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