DIY: Light box

by - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

As you all know, Andrew has been working hard over his food blog at Bachelor Cooking. You know, since I met him I have been telling him to start a food blog. So, yes, I am taking credit for his new hobby.
Anyway, I got this great idea to create a light box so that his pictures look more clean. My mom shipped in some stuff from Dallas, so I had three big boxes laying in the office. 
  • Cut out three sides leaving only a frame
  • Find a thin, airy paper that light can come through and is almost translucent
  • Cut paper accordingly and  tape to your sides
  • You're finished!
That's it. it was super easy! I tested it out with some flowers that i head and it works great. The natural light with the white paper brightens up whatever I am taking a picture of- I love being crafty.

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