Function of Beauty

by - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I've been loving my Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner and I simply wanted to share what I think so it so far! I've got several questions from people wondering how I liked it, so I figured I would just make a blog post about it. When I first checked out Function of Beauty, I immediately fell in love with the concept and design. Seriously so many heart eyes. The customizable quality of Function allows me to add what I wanted in a shampoo and conditioner. From deep conditioning to strengthening to hydration. There are literally any number of combinations to choose from, because i get to pick my five most desired functions of my personal shampoo. Then, on top of all of that I get to choose my scent and color! I ended up going to essential oils route with a purple dye (because of my blonde baylage). 
When I ordered my two bottles, I realized I ordered too small of sizes. So I had to contact consumer service and cancel my order. A total ditz moment on my part, but I can now say that they were sooo helpful and kind! They even made sure I would get it on the day I was expecting from my original order. My box arrived in its beautiful package with my name printed and I have subscribed to their service and will receive my next shipment in 6 months! How awesome is that?! Function of Beauty is changing the shampoo game! I'm sold. 


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