Humble Brands: New Scents

by - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Last week I received Humble Brands new scents to try out and I am excited to tell you all about them.  I became a fan of Humble the first time here on a previous post. I had run out of my Lavender Deodorant and was just dragging my feet to getting a new one. So they really came in for the win! The two new scents I'm trying out are Essential Lavender & Holy Basil and Texas Cedarwood & Grapefruit. The Texas Cedarwood & Grapefruit are perfect for guys (which I gave to my husband) because of the cedarwoodSince I'm a sucker for Lavender I too the Essential Lavender & Holy Basil for myself. These scents are a part of a new Humble formulation that provide a smoother, healthier application by replacing olive oil with fractionated coconut oil and reducing baking soda.
Benefits of Fractionated Coconut Oil:
  • Naturally Antibacterial: Kills bacteria which causes body odor
  • Odorless: Essential oils can shine
  • Colorless: Prevents clothing discoloration
Benefits of Reduced Baking Soda:
  • Reduces Irritation: Better for sensitive skin
  • Smooth: Glides on more easily
If you purchase now you can get 25% off on one time orders using the code HUMBLE18


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