Getting Rid Of Acne

by - Saturday, February 23, 2019

 This last year has been quite the journey when it came to my skin. My skin wasn't a big thing I ever had to worry about too much. Ever since I had my daughter, my body seemed to be going through many changes and my skins just one of the things I had to get used to. It first started with my forehead. It was like these tiny flesh colored bumps were taking over, and not that anybody would have noticed, but I sure did. What they probably did noticed was the constant picking aftermath that I caused on my face. So I started my research and over washing and over exfoliating which caused my skin to freeaaaakk. Like seriously freak, which I show in my photos below. The over washing, over exfoliating, and obsessive picking (any other pickers out there?! We should start a club.) caused my skin to hard have crazy cystic acne and more flesh colored bumps and now there is scarring. 

November 5th

November 6th

November 15th

November 28th

December 5th

December 8th

January 24

May 9th

 The thing about acne that no one tells you is that it effects your confidence. I didn't feel like myself and I knew that stacking more makeup was only making things worse (on top of the other bad habits I had created). So I decided to revaluate what I was doing. Here is how I got my skin back on track. I hope this can also help you too on your own skin journey!

1. I added primrose evening oil to my daily mix of vitamins. Primrose oil helps level out hormones and can help with side effects that come with PMS, endometriosis, and psoriasis. I noticed my cystic acne would be less frequent especially if it was that time of the month. 

2. I streamlined my skincare routine. I had the philosophy that if a little was good, more was better. and boy was I WRONG. Wrong, wrong wrong. I was over exfoliating my face and using too harsh of chemicals that striping away my moisture barrier and making me more likely to have breakouts. I finally gave in and bought Curology, and I really think it help jumpstart my skins recovery. Seriously will never go back. After my skin started clearing up, I slowly added other products but I am now extremely picky what I put on my body. 
Here are a few items that I love right now:

3. I journaled what I ate. I had recently made the switch to do less meat, so to substitute meat I would regularly eat tofu. Tofu and soy contain phytoestrogens. I cut out the amount of tofu I was intaking, not that it is all bad, but at the rate I was going it was having an affect on my skin. 

4. I started getting facials regularly. I was desperate to get my skin back on track, so I started getting facials and was able to get treatments I wouldn't normally get at home. The treatments that I really love are dermaplaning and LED light therapy, not to mention just the pure facts of getting pampered once a month was totally worth it.

Now my journey isn't over. I still get an occasional pimple and sometimes pick when I feel insecure and I am for sure am not eating right now that I am pregnant with baby number 2. However, I now have the tools I need for skin to thrive. My skin is practically glowing in the last photo and I couldn't be more proud of the hard work! So if you are like me in the first photo, keep going (and also maybe no picking)!          


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