Andrew Belle.

by - Monday, April 09, 2012

I usually go through music phases. For example, I will constantly listen to one artist or rotate through a group of artists then have an itch for something new. So what have I been into lately? His name is Andrew Belle. For the longest time I repeated the same two songs over and over. All of his stuff is great and sort of mellow. The first thing I listen for when I hear a new song or band is melody and the artist's voice-I can't help it I'm a singer- Some people hear drums first or guitar. Andrew Belle has great texture in his voice, that sort of voice who can sing just about anything. The next thing I listen for is keys, guitar, drums, then bass-sometimes in that order. Andrew Belle's release of The Ladder is so great- The music is creative, lyrics are intelligently done, and the melodies are jus perfection.
Great voice, right? He also did a cover of a Bob Dylan's song! Check it out HERE.

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