a spontaneous trip to dallas.

by - Saturday, April 28, 2012

So this weekend I had a pretty uneventful weekend planned, which initially I was fine with, but then I decided to spontaneously go back home for a friends surprise birthday party. Great idea, right? Well, of course, but everything seemed to go very wrong. 
The night before my dad checked flights for me, and to my surprise, there were three flights that look good to travel on. I decided I didn't want to be at the airport too early so I decide to take a 10:30 flight to Dallas. What I thought to be an easy trip turned out to not be what I expect.
I end up leaving at a pretty reasonable time, jotting down directions to the airport so that I won't get lost. I even have time to make coffee and put it in a nice to-go cup. Half way to Denver International Airport, I spill my coffee down my shirt. No big deal- I somehow always do this and it is nothing water won't fix. Somehow with my music very loud, spilling coffee, and not really knowing where I'm going, I miss my turn. About fifteen minutes later, nothing is looking familiar. If you have ever been to the Denver airport, then you might know that it is practically in he middle of nowhere, and this gave me hope. "Maybe, it will show up out of nowhere.....oh, look I have no gas....and oh, no cell phone reception." Still optimistic, I decide to press forward. A few minutes later, I decide I shouldn't venture off too far with no gas and no earthly idea of where I am going, so I stop at a gas station I happen to see.
I finally get my tank full and cell phone service and notice my destination is in the total opposite direction of where I wanted to go. I, in fact, was on my way to Nebraska. After turning my car around and finding my right way, things were looking up.
Not even the least bit frazzled, I make my way through the airport check in and security, giving my dad a call to double check the flights. Turns out, he forgot to put me on the list. In other words, I'm number twenty in line to get a seat. No worries, yeah? Well, yes but turns out a nine o'clock flight got canceled making 120 people be bumped down into my 10:30 flight. Things were definitely not looking up. After waiting hours and missing 3 full flights, my spontaneous trip to Dallas starting  is looking like a nightmare. To sum it all up, I arrived at the  airport at 9 after briefly being lost, then after missing 3 (or 4- I can't remember how many there were, it was all a blur) flights it is now 1:30 and the next flight is at 2:30. I decided to call my dad because at this point I was feeling a bit discouraged and bored. I already finished the book I brought, I Facebooked stalked, played sodoku, had lunch, and caught up on some blogs (check out THIS one- it made me laugh). Anyway, turns out the next flight look good, more than good actually, everyone on the standby list (turns out it was 31 people at this point) was going to make it. Things were already looking up- or so I thought. The annoucement came that the 2:30 flight was going to be delayed... until 4:30. Now I really get discouraged. I was debating whether or not I wanted to wait that long, even if it looked like I was going to make it. However, I was so determined to get to Dallas, and I had already waiting so long, that I thought, "Eh, might as well." 
Finally, after waiting forever, the flight arrives and standby names are being called one after the other. And don't-cha-know-it, they call my name!! As the flight attendant hands me my ticket, she looks at what I'm wearing as says, "Oh...you can't wear shorts. Do you have a skirt you can slip on?" At this point I am so stunned that I have made it so far just to be turned down because I can't wear shorts (which I still don't fully understand why). After I quickly reply no, she rolls her eyes nd moved me along, because turns out, if this plane doesn't have its doors shut by 5 o'clock, we cannot fly out- it it 4:55. Knowing this, everyone rushed to their seats as quickly as hey could and we get the doors closed at 4:59!
After my crazy adventure, all I could do was laugh. It was so ridiculous that it's unbelievable- only this stuff happens to me.  I ended up having a wonderful time, even though it was very brief, in Dallas seeing friends and family, and I would do it again- even with all the craziness!

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