Basic Invite Collaboration

by - Friday, February 28, 2020

I am usually the person that has the great idea to give everyone in my office a nice homemade gift at Christmas time or Christmas update card around December 15th. That's way too late to stat thinking about that. Honestly, I get so busy and it seems so daunting that I inevitably give up and make a note that next year will be my year. So when I got the opportunity to work with Basic Invite, I had a few requirements for my self: A.) it had to look pretty, and B.) it had to be easy. And that was exactly what I experienced with Basic Invite. I went through the whole process and tried a variety of different  options (all pictured) from home stationary, family thank you's, Frankie's baby announcement, Ryan-Kate's  preschool graduation, and a hypothetical anniversary party. The ease of each project sold me! When I received my samples I was blown away with the quality of each of my items, and I didn't even get the gold foil option! Right now, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with code: 15FF51. 

Basic Invite has a line for their graduation invites, announcements, and thank you's. I created a mock up for Ryan-Kate and I loved how it turned out! I loved the interaction with the whole process, they double check your work and once you approve they send it off to print! I consistently have spelling errors and admittedly am not a details person. So the fact that someone else can check my work was an added bonus. 
I picked out some of my favorite graduation invites for you! Take a look:


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