Hosting a Cheese and Wine Party

by - Thursday, October 03, 2019

 Happy Fall! I am so excited it is finally October! There is something about the fall colors, the warm sun, and the crisp air that is my favorite in Colorado. This past summer Andrew and I (okay, mainly just Andrew) worked on our deck.  Now we are excited to start hosting people this fall! And I honestly love any gathering as long as it has good hangs. I am an atmosphere person, meaning if there is a fun atmosphere with people I enjoy I want to be there. Even if I don't like the activity. It's probably why I like baseball games. I love the energy of the crowd and the food! 
 I got the opportunity to try out Winc which accompanied my cheese and wine party! The process is so easy. All I did was answer a few questions about my taste preference and Winc chose the wines. There is such a big variety and a vast amount about wines that I still don't know that not having to walk up and down the isle of a liquor store was worth it! Winc also gives you to option to switch out anything you don't want and even how many reds or whites you want. It is so convent and easy!
 So now for the fun part! I'm excited to share the love of Winc with you all too. You can get 4 bottles of wine for $39 plus complimentary shipping! How great is that?! To get you started and just click HERE to try. Cheers and enjoy!
Here is what you'll need to host your own cheese and wine party!

  • 1-2 Cheese boards
  • Cured meats like prosciutto or salami
  • Fruit of your choice- grapes, figs, or any type of berry
  • Jam or honey
  • crackers of your choice
  • Assortment of salted nuts
  • Wine


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